The format is very simple and straight forward. Four players from one academy competes with four players of another academy with a time control of 45 minutes + 10 second increment on the Playchess online platform.


1. The classical rating list of October will be calculated for the rating of players. Players can be added in the team during the event as well. Suppose you add a player to your team in October then the rating list of October will be considered and so on. But for the players once added, their rating will remain the same until the end of the league.


2. The tournament is divided into – Rated and Unrated category.


For unrated section:

Nine teams will play in 7-round Swiss league system. Top eight teams will qualify for the 2nd Super League which will take place in 2019 and join the top eight teams from 1st Super League 2018.

For rated section: 

We have six teams. There will be a single round robin tournament consisting of 5 rounds. Tie-break rules will be declared later. All teams would get to play 5 games and join the remaining teams in their respective categories in 2nd Super League 2018.

For each rating section there is a 25 Elo point margin. For e.g. a player with either a rating of 1375 or 1825 can take part in 1400-1800 section. This is valid for all groups.

Wild card: In the group 1800-2200, you can have one player whose rating is above 2200 – it could be even 2300, or 2450, or 2800! One player per team can have a higher rated beyond 2200.


4. All teams must submit the board order minimum 24 hours before the start of their game through e-mail at this id: Failing to do so will result in us selecting the first four players of the team.


5. Time control for each game will be 45 mins + 10 seconds.


6. Everybody must have Playchess Desktop Windows Client installed in their computer to play the tournament. Please download the free playchess windows client today itself from here. Sign in with your ChessBase Premium Membership and get a feel of playing on the client. It is one of the best ones out there! If you have a Mac computer, you will need to run some program like Parallels or Bootcamp which will convert your Mac into windows, in order to play.

The matches will take place in the “Premium Tournaments” arena in the ChessBase India room. Mind you, if you are not a premium member, the room will reject your entry. And hence, you must ensure that you are a premium member.

7. Premium account is mandatory. Without a premium account, the player will not be able to enter the Premium Tournament playing room.


8. All players must login at least 45 minutes before the round starts and not logout or practice among each other before the round begins. The walkover time is 10 minutes from the start of the round.


9. Match will be attempted to restart in case of disconnection. However if a player remains disconnected for more than 15 minutes, the player will be declared lost.


10. The recommended connection speed for players: 2 mbps. In case your connection is slow please ensure that before the tournament begins you have a wired and good internet connection. You do not want your game to be disconnected and lose a point for your team.


11. Each team should have a coordinator who is accessible through phone or whatsapp before, during and after the round of the team. The coordinator will be the single point of contact for every team in case of any technical issues.


12. The decision of the Tournament Director will be final.



For all the teams that have registered already, we request you to submit all the necessary details that have been asked to you in e-mail to make sure that your team gets to play in the first edition. Otherwise standby teams will get an opportunity. The information we have asked from each team is:

1.Player’s name,


3. Playchess ID

4. Playchess account validity

5. Team logo

6. Players’ photo

7. Bio of the player.

14. Enjoy and don’t forget to have a lot of fun! And yes, do analyze your games after they are over!