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ACL Challengers League

There are many chess academies all over the world. However, in terms of playing practice and partners they are bounded by geographical limitations. The Academy Chess League by ChessBase India wants to overcome these limitations and barriers and ensure that academies, schools and institutions situated in one part of the world can compete against teams anywhere on the planet. The aim is to play high quality chess and that's why the time control of 45 minutes + 10 seconds has been decided.

ACL is an initiative by ChessBase India that will be played online on the Playchess platform. Over 350 players from 50 institutions have registered with us for the 1st Super League that concluded on 22nd August 2018. ACL Challengers League commenced on 20th October 2018.

For the first time in the history of Indian Chess: 1st Online Chess League in India (ACL)

ACL Challengers League 2018 final results

Unrated category Champion – City Chess Club Bhuj

Rated category Champion – Telugu Chess Warriors

Missed out on this season of ACL? Don’t worry, ACL Super League will come back soon in early 2019. Let us know why we should select your team here. Remember Super League is limited to qualifiers and top 8 finishers each of the last edition of Super League and Challengers League. However we may select a few new teams too. So apply for your team quickly and make sure you write well about your team, have a team logo ready too. Limited teams will be considered.

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